Canberra Photographer | Robert & Tammy

Canberra Photographer Zinette Hopper presents to you Mr & Mrs Hunter. I have come to know and love these two so much. Tammy is just the sweetest and incredibly caring. Robert loves Tammy more than he loves fishing (and that’s a lot).

This sweet couple met at work. Five years of dating led to the moment Robert proposed to Tammy; on their 5th anniversary. You can see the love these two shares in every image, they make anyone believe in love again. I adored taking photos of these two incredible people during their engagement session and their wedding day.

The day finally came, and there were so many special moments. Firstly, I was excited to capture Lady bringing the rings down the aisle. It was a really special moment. Robert and Tammy also shared a rose ceremony and Robert vowed to give Tammy a rose on every wedding anniversary to come.

Their day may not have been exactly as they planned but I think it turned out perfect. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hunter. May you have a blessed marriage full of laughter and happiness.

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Canberra Wedding Photographer
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Bride getting ready
Bride in a blue wedding dress ready to elope in Canberra
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Groom in a maroon suit
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  1. Anne Kennedy says:

    Such beautiful photos. A day full or love.