Lennox Gardens Elopement Canberra | Gwen & Sze

Gwen & Sze had a beautiful and intimate elopement at the Lennox Gardens in Canberra. This gorgeous park is located in the centre of Canberra, on the south side of Lake Burley Griffin.

They met while working at an outdoor team-building company back in Malaysia. They started dating on 13 June 2009 that’s why they chose to elope on their 12th Anniversary. Gwen looked absolutely magnificent and elegant in her wedding dress! Cassandra Lee did a wonderful job creating a fresh and elegant make-up look for Gwen. This beautiful Elopement was officiated by the talented Michelle.

This last year has been one like no other.  I still remember sitting down with my husband while we planned and dreamed about our year.  I cannot help but laugh because nothing that we meticulously planned came to pass. That doesn’t mean good things still didn’t come our way, it just looked different than what we expected and we had to find ways to get creative.

This has been the same for literally everyone. None of us could have prepared for a year like this.

Our hearts have gone out to our couples.  Those who planned a wedding and then had to pivot their plans.  Either by postponing to the following year or making adjustments so they could follow through with their original date.

I am truly honoured that you chose me to capture your intimate Lennox Gardens Elopement in Canberra. They were able to let their love for each other win above all else and prove that NOTHING could stand in their way of becoming husband and wife, and honestly… it was pretty perfect if you ask me! Congratulations, Gwen & Sze!

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If you are looking for more elopement options in and around Canberra I recommend you have a look at https://eloping.com.au/small-wedding-venues/act/canberra/.

If you are considering an elopement wedding in Canberra or anywhere in Australia have a look at my packages here. I believe this is such a special event and you deserve to have images you can look back at for many years to come. I would recommend some photos during the ceremony, some with your family and friends, and certainly but not least a mini photoshoot of just the two of you.