Why I started Blogging

There is a multitude of reasons why photographers should start blogging. But it seems that the ones who do are few and far between. One of the main reason I decided to start the blog is to tell each couple’s unique story in a photo-journalistic manner which you would not be able to see from my Facebook or Instagram posts. With a Blog, you get an idea of the proceedings of the wedding day or a snippet of all the moments during engagement shoots. I am a big fangirl of Katelyn James and is part of her education courses for photographers. She motivated me to start blogging EVERY wedding and engagement shoot.

One of the best things about a blog post is the couple and their family members get to receive a sneak peek of the full gallery within two to three days after the wedding when they are still excited about it. By delivering a blog post my clients feel special and important. And who doesn’t love reminiscing about the good and exciting moments from a wedding day? I love being able to surprise couples with a Blog post soon after their event in the order for them to share the joy with their family as soon as possible. If you are a ZH Couple or client you can be sure to expect your Blog post on a Monday morning if you had your wedding on a Saturday. Your full gallery can take up to four weeks but is usually delivered within two weeks after your wedding.

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